Why is it Important in Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Unit for Your Home

You need to buy the right air conditioner? Find an experienced Indoor Comfort Specialist contractor.

Nobody ever wakes up thinking, I want to buy a new air conditioner today!” It’s never a planned purchase, and it’s certainly not like buying a new car, which you research before you make that purchase. You buy a new air conditioning unit when the old one breaks down. Unfortunately, this need to act quickly because your home is getting warm can result in bad decisions and potential overspending.

We recommend this financial rule of thumb when it comes to air conditioner repairsIf the estimate is over $500, which should be a wake-up call to you that you might need a new Indoor Comfort System.

How Do You Start to Search for an Indoor Comfort Specialist?

Some homeowners have unrealistic expectations about the lifespan of their air conditioning units. Most units will only last seven to twelve years. That guy in your neighborhood who says his air conditioner is 21 years old is not the norm, and he probably drives a 30-year-old car with all the original parts.

Simply put, when it’s time to buy a new air conditioning unit, find an Indoor Comfort Specialist who will take the time to examine your house, ductwork, and your entire HVAC system. You want this contractor to complete a thorough examination to determine what is happening.

If you ask your doctor for medical advice, he can’t answer unless he knows about you. If a contractor is giving you suggestions without knowing your home, he’s doing you a disservice, and you probably don’t want to work with that person. Instead, ask your friends and neighbors about contractors they’ve used. Word-of-mouth is always a good bet.

Experience is important

You want to find a knowledgeable contractor. You don’t want to be someone’s training situation. A good contractor wants to show off his insurance certificate and his license. He paid a lot of money and went through a lot of training to get that license, so he should want you to know about it.

Yet, while it may be tempting to do research on the Internet, don’t base your entire opinion on what you read online. Air conditioning units are complex. People spend years working on them. You want to find a good contractor who’s “been there and done that” so his years of experience can work for you. You want someone who’s willing to come to your house to actually diagnose your situation.

Chosen the right contractor makes all the difference

Here are a few key questions you want the contractor to consider when evaluating your HVAC system:

Outside the Home

  • Why is the system being replaced?
  • Historically has the old unit cooled to your satisfaction on the hottest days?
  • What is the designated temperature you want to keep your home at?
  • What is the current Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of the system?
  • Is the existing system R22 or R410A?
  • Are you attempting to obtain the Federal Tax Credit?
  • Is your attic insulation to current building code?
  • Does anyone in your family experience allergies or sensitivities?

Inside the Home

  • Is the ductwork the original ducting from when the home was built?
  • Have any additions been made to your home since originally built?
  • Have your ducts ever been cleaned?
  • Are you experiencing any mold issues or odors like spots on the grills?
  • Will a condensate pump be required?

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