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Making sure your ducts are clean  in your home has a significant impact on indoor air quality. As air is moved throughout the home, dust, pollen, and allergens that build up in the Air ducts are moved into the living space as well. This can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms among the home’s inhabitants.

Duct cleaning helps to limit the amount of pollutants in your home and prevents your HVAC system from moving allergens and dust throughout your home.

Insulating and sealing your ducts will provide a significant improvement on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, you’ll save so much that your project will practically pay for itself.

dirty Filter
Dirty Air Filters

D and L Ductwork Solution:

  • 1 Duct leaks
  • 2 Uninsulated ductwork
  • 3 Unbalanced airflow
  • 4 Dirty or blocked ducts
  • 5 And much more!

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Dust and dirt buildup can also negatively impact how efficiently your HVAC system runs. Your duct system relies on maximum airflow to effectively heat and cool your home, and dust and dirt can eventually reduce the amount of air that can easily flow through ducts and vents. If you’ve noticed dust buildup in your home or on your vents, you may need duct cleaning.

Dirty HVAC Duct
D and L Before Duct Cleaning
Clean HVAC Duct
D and L After Cleaning Ducts

If you’re interested in having your ducts professionally cleaned, D and L Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We offer complete ductwork solutions to help improve your home’s air quality, comfort, and efficiency. Contact Us today to get an estimate!