Top 5 Easter Things To Do In Quarantine.

Colored Eggs

As Easter weekend approaches during the times of the COVID-19, it’s going to be hard. if not impossible, to see family and Friends, do community/neighborhood Easter egg hunts, with no gatherings over 10 go to church is out.

So what can you do to celebrate Easter weekend while in quarantine? Here is the top 5 things you can still do at home to celebrate Easter!


Easter Basket

Make Easter Baskets

There is still a lot of Easter candy at CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart and Target. While your family member is getting eggs and food coloring, have them get baskets, plastic eggs, fake grass, Easter themed candy, and a chocolate bunny. We know that’s also candy but you have to make sure you get a chocolate bunny!


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs filled with candy or money in your house or in your yard. Just don’t invite anyone else over.

Easter Dinner

Make An Easter Lunch Or Dinner

Who doesn’t love some yummy Easter food?! This is a great chance to teach the family your skills in the kitchen, or get your significant other to help together.


Colored Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Everyone loves dying eggs! Send one member of your family to pick up a dozen eggs and food coloring and you’ll be all set for some fun.


Jelly Beans

Can you Guess How Many Jelly Beans 

I use to kick butt at this game! Have someone get a package of jelly beans and a mason jar. Have them count how many jelly beans they put in the jar and make everyone else guess. The closest to the right amount gets to go through their Easter basket first!