Chrystal Kreft

For as long as i remember, my kids have always been on allergy/sinus medication. It’s gotten so bad that they were hospitalized at the same time (age 4) with C-Diff because of all the antibiotics they were given monthly. My kids are 7 now and are in pristine health without the need for medication daily anymore. They miss less school and it has in a positive way impacted their way of learning so they are able to grasp ideas better. They were diagnosed with SO many illnesses throughout the years and all it took was installing a system that cleaned the air within our house which in the end alleviated a lot of their symptoms. About a month in we noticed a considerable difference in not only their health but also my husband and my own. I haven’t seen the need to go to the doctors for sinus infections or abdominal migraines for my kids. My husband has had a clean bill of health since January and my migraines are non existent now. My husband would suffer with sickness after his army weekends and it would extend and turn into something more as he was at home after the fact BUT since January he comes home under the weather but feels better upon waking the next day. It does greatly impact the way we feel as a family from morning to evening. I couldn’t be more happy knowing my kids health is improving and also knowing that my husband and i can be there with great health as parents to those two amazing children. I feel like the decision to install the APCO system was one of the best decisions I’ve made for our family. APCO is the way to go if you suffer with illnesses daily like me and my family did. -Chrystal Kreft